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HMT: Week Two

#1 TIP: STAY HYDRATED! Also, be sure to warm up and stretch before and after each run. If you experience mild cramping, consider slightly increasing your potassium consumption. I do this by drinking coconut water and/or consuming a banana post-workout.

TEMPO RUN: A tempo run teaches your body how to run at a fast pace for a long period of time. For your Wednesday Tempo Run, you’ll want to start with a 10-15 minute warm-up, then run at a fast 5k pace for 10 minutes, slow it down and jog for two-three minutes, then resume your fast 10 minutes at a 5k pace. Follow your last hard run with a 10 minute light cool down. This completes your 2x10 minute Tempo run.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a personal trainer, I am merely sharing what I do to train for a half marathon. If you are unsure as to your overall health and abilities, I would consult a doctor and/or certified trainer to help you build your own workout.



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